Holiday 1970 [DUPE] Nutrient King Score a mad-Sierra Pub from the We

Holiday 1970 [DUPE] Nutrient King Score a mad-Sierra Pub from the We

William Berry and you will Robert Lochner pg.15 Secret regarding Walter-Vermont Skiing Urban area because of the Morten Lund pg.52 Spaced Across the Alps and Age-Avoriaz from the Del Mulkey pg.56 The brand new Less than-20’s and In which It’s At Trends because of the Tap Doran pg.68 Sure Virginia, There is Snowboarding regarding the South-Ski Areas by the Claire Walter pg.116 Damaged Sides-Skiing Terminology from the Gary Cavalli pg.130 Continuous Racing Program-Burke Mountain training program by the John Hitchcock pg.133 Snowboarding because of the Guide(s)-Teaching Tips of the Janet Nelson pg.forty five Reverse Plunge Transforms-Conditioning Pointer pg.92 Products: The latest Secret of your own Finest Binding from the Jeffrey Garlick pg.sixty Binding Installment of the Janet Nelson pg.66 Billy Kidd’s Treasures out of Boundary Submitting from the Billy Kidd and Barbara Wicks pg.74 Skiing Movies pg.twenty-two Skiing Instructions pg.32

January 1971 [DUPE] Imagine if They Offered United states Jean-Claude Killy Once more?

December 1970 [DUPE] Touring Gets Of Every thing-Images pg.85 Journal out of a keen Alpine Novice from the Linda Wassermn pg.ninety-five Diary off an enthusiastic Alpine Professional by the Janet Nelson pg.94 A good Primer out of Travel Technique nyc Lorns Olav Skjemstad Ski Advisor talks of touring pg.96 This new Wily Ways Waxing-Traveling Skis of the Barbara Wicks pg.99 Better My personal Goodness so you’re able to Skiing pg.fifty Papa Makes the Cochrans Go-Us Skiing Cluster by Morten Lund pg.100 Five Lovely Lunches-Cooking by Abby Kirsh pg.102 Delightful Snacks to possess Time Trips-Cuisine because of the Pat Doran pg.104 The latest Lange Mug-Specialist Ski Racing and television by the I. 114 A single Look at Charter Routes by the Lee Fowler pg.147 An intend to Pollute the latest Slopes to own Profit by Morten Lund pg.190 Gizmos: Presents to own Skiers pg.78 Should you Purchase Soap?-Sneakers pg.116 This new Falling Jet Turn of the Georges Joubert-French means pg.107 Recommendations: Ski Synchronous with Strike pg.167 Powder Pick-Me-Upwards pg.168 Slip the tips pg.170 Ski Constant to manage Rates pg.176 Handlebar Snowplow pg.183 Steepen The Traverse pg.184 Traveler’s Inspections of the Abby Rand Just how to Complain pg.54 Making a secondary Budget pg.57 Stratton:Your Ski Ideal because of the Janet Nelson-Travel pg.110 Anything Savannah GA escort twitter for everybody at Innsbruck by Lee Fowler-Take a trip pg.144 Loch Lomond-Travelling pg.198 A promising North Celebrity because of the Nancy Greene pg.twenty-seven Creating Gate-Studies regarding Judy Nagel’s Old age because of the Billy Kidd pg.32 Deep Powder-Photos pg.112

William Berry and you may Kenneth McKenna pg

by the Morten Lund pg.66 This new Large additionally the Reduced on Tahoe Skiing and you may Betting by the We. William Berry pg.74 Studying Winter Riding by Roentgen. David Sheff pg.78 Crazy Songs in early Accumulated snow because of the Helen Russell pg.ninety five A durable Option to those Motel Miseries-Cold temperatures Hiking by Linda Wasserman pg.120 Infants and you can Accumulated snow Against the Cooler from the Katherine and Rodney Hoff pg.128 Five Frolics of the Furrer-Training pg.70 Do the Weight From your own Turning-Unweighting by Othmar Schneider pg.82 Pointers: Allow Slope End up being your Publication pg.99 Slip Away from a stem pg.a hundred Getting into Powder pg.102 Fingertip Handle pg.126 Pole Strength pg.130 Traveler’s Inspections by Abby Rand: Renting a Condo pg.forty two Contrasting Ski Few days Sale pg.50 Take a trip: Killington Gondola-Longest Skiing Town Gondola by the Morten Lund pg.88 Leysin: Into Young and you will Economical by the Abby Rand-Travel pg.96 Michigan: Passes inside Mid-The united states Camping by the Rus Arnold pg.122 Skiing Spunk Betting: Part II-Reno pg.129 Nub’s Nob:The latest Free Heart from the Pat Begrow pg.139 Products: Steer clear of Goggle Fogging of the Janet Nelson pg.46 Precious jewelry Aweigh of the Tap Doran pg.61 Carrying out Entrance-Coach selections brand new all the-date Greatest Racers of the Bob Beattie pg.39 Specialist Rushing Journey Develops getting ’71 pg.51 “The newest Purist” Photo pg.ninety

March 1971 [DUPE] Beautiful Stuff At the top of the latest Structure out of Eden-Interacting with Accumulated snow Images take to during the Zermatt pg.46 Amateurism try Dry; Enough time Alive Amateurism by the Serge Lang and Morten Lund-Ski Race pg.52 Drugs on Ski Components: Your skill? by Lee Fowler pg.64 Ramrodding the usa Skiing Team-Willy Schaeffler from the Peter Miller pg.70 St. Patrick Wins a silver pg.94 Training: Uproot That Stalk by the Dixi Nohl pg.55 All of that Glitters is not Avalement by the Georges Joubert pg.sixty Guidance: Give Submit Including Headlights pg.72 Ski The latest “J” Change pg.74 Build Leg Action pg.76 Unweighting from inside the Shocks pg.78 How exactly to Hang on Ice pg.80 Traveler’s Checks by Abby Rand: Pamphlet Reading (Advanced) pg.20 I believe a ski Excursion Coming-on pg.23 Indianhead because of the Janet Nelson-Traveling pg.98 Sugarbush’s Castlerock of the Claire Walter pg.104 Regarding the Undertaking Entrance-As to why N. Western lady do better than simply males into the industry Ski Racing by the Nancy Greene pg.twenty four NASTAR Schedule ’71 pg.97

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