Witches enjoys a life threatening character from inside the conventional Croatian opinions

Witches enjoys a life threatening character from inside the conventional Croatian opinions

All of the country and you can society has its social tradition – customs, just how regarding lifetime, reports and you may stories which can be passed out of generation to generation. Stories and mythology try an important part of all the people, while they represent a brief history as well as the reputation for the development ones individuals, and best show the way of thinking. Of many mythology and you can teachings have been made right up a long time ago to describe that which was thought unexplainable (disease, disasters, accidents) or even protect youngsters regarding risks one dark and you may loneliness provided. Despite the fact that are not any expanded required in it respect, he is nevertheless part of all of our people and you can heritage to-be cultivated.


Witches would be identified by their appearance and you may decisions which had been maybe not constantly believed “regular,” so witches was in fact constantly “unattractive,” “old” otherwise “very beautiful” females, as was in fact people who failed to realize preset behavioural norms. Witches was indeed always ladies, if you find yourself warlocks are rarely actually stated. Witches has outrageous power, that they use to damage anybody and pets, they usually are productive by night, plus they assemble by flying on the group meetings by using a great magical formula to assist them to fly instead disturbance. It’s considered that witches enjoys a tiny pot off oil made of book plant life and you may hidden within hearth, and a separate stick otherwise hoe they use to defeat fireplace to help make the cooking pot come. One grease and you can magical words are used to generate witches fly without the accidents additional info. Witches will be able to alter towards the wild birds and other animals otherwise stuff. You will find samples of a good witch being transformed so you can a fly one flies from the mouth and you can involves carry out worst. As well as sales, flying, and you may gatherings one of several energies away from witches was “worst eye.” It is believed that witches can result in damage if you don’t dying due to their evil vision, so someone did everything you they may to stop evil vision and you may in addition they avoided one connection with the person who are considered to have it. Protection from the fresh witches try with garlic on the wallet just like the brand new clear scent out of garlic chases witches out and you may protects off all you are able to witchcraft. With respect to the Croatian national opinions, witches can be bargain milk of cattle. From inside the younger moon, brand new witch takes a lengthy line and you can connections they on the front door pillar on the road area of the house. She puts the newest container under the line prevent and you will renders motions because if milking a good cow. Somebody, exactly who noticed the brand new witch doing it, swore it saw whole milk streaming on the rope towards the container during the a heavy and good weight.


Religion within the fairies is among the most common of the many. Most often they are referred to as gorgeous young ladies with a lot of time hair and flaccid and you may clear human body, with beautiful eyes, pleasant sound, sporting airy light attire, having a great shroud over their head which enables these to fly. In the event that the shroud becomes torn, they will remove their ability so you’re able to travel. Their hair is most often wonderful, cut loose and you will enough time, that it attacks the floor. Their hair really should not be taken; even in the event a single hair is removed away they are going to perish for it! Fairies was off ambivalent characteristics; they truly are nice to the people and in addition very dangerous or worst if they’re maybe not happy. Its ambivalence is additionally obvious within seems, whether or not most beautiful and you can innocent within their top section of its muscles, he’s got animal foot, normally base out-of good goat or an excellent donkey. The fuel try tall, and they is also rule the weather, while making crops develop straight away. They real time secluded out-of individuals, in nature, oftentimes inside forests, and so they leave these to meadows and channels, however they are oftentimes seen close or in water. They may be viewed alone or in odd amounts of three, five, eight or 9. Capable changes to your a beneficial bird, affect, fog, flower or something like that equivalent. It actually was said that the brand new fairies create their fairy moving into the new moonlight, for the metropolises well away from people people visibility, frequently towards the meadows surrounded by woods. Urban centers, where it danced, have been noted because of the the ultimate circle. Within one to community, there would-have-been zero grass. Anybody prevented people urban centers, specifically at dusk, because they thought that fairies should do them damage. Only unusual, natural anyone you are going to signup its moving, possibly accidentally otherwise whenever greeting because of the fairies on their own.

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