However, when building a dating app their importance grows even more

However, when building a dating app their importance grows even more

Of course, there are some anonymous dating apps but if you’re going to build a more or less “classic” application, authorization is an absolute must-have. Actually, it’s usually the first screen which user sees and interacts with.

Stormotion developers assume that the best solution for you, in this case, is to implement oAuth. This open standard for access delegation makes it possible for users to transfer their personal data from an external source to your app. Yet, the app doesn’t have permission to remember, store or send the login and password of user’s social media account to third parties so their data remains secure.

In other words, instead of facing an endless form where users have to write their name, surname, verify mobile phone or email, upload a photo and much more, they will face a nice-looking “log in with Facebook” (or Instagram) button and create the in-app profile using already existing information.

User Profiles

In many our articles (for example, about food delivery app development or hotel booking app development) we pay attention to user profiles as a great personalization tool. Let me explain.

From the UX perspective, profiles in a dating app allow users to discover each other and find a perfect match. Thus, they have to comply with the 3 rules:

  1. Keep them informative. If you’re choosing with whom to go out tonight, just a photo with a name may be not enough to select a right person. Make sure your users can discover more info about each other (e.g., hobbies, interests, music or food preferences and so on).
  2. Don’t forget about the dating app design. Users aren’t going to apply for a job through your app, so relax and make your dating app design catchy. Use bright colors, stylish fonts and add some animations to make the interaction even more captivating. Yet, do not overdo it and follow the basic rules of design.
  3. Make them easy to manage. Your users should be able to update their profiles or upload new photos without any hitches. Make sure this process goes smoothly.

From the development perspective, there occurs another challenge. The issues of digital security have never been given as much attention as now. With all these hacker attacks and leaks all over the world users want to be 101% sure their personal data is safe.

  • We always insist on implementing HTTPS connections and SSL certificates for advanced security.
  • If you wish, it’s also possible to enhance your app with the two-step verification process. For example, it may require a user to login through the social media accounts and then confirm it with a mobile number.
  • Generally, don’t forget to cover everything from the OWASP Top 10 List.


If you’re wondering how to make a dating app that has chances to become the new Tinder, it should effectively connect lonely hearts and create loving couples. Yet, it will be impossible to achieve if your app match-make people from different countries or even continents.

For this purpose, implement the geolocating feature and don’t forget to get user’s permission for it when he enters your app for the first time.

Discovery Settings

If you’re living in a very small town, it’s no wonder that all the people you can find in a dating app are your ex, your best friend’s ex and your cousin. Not much to choose from.

Leaving jokes behind, filters are the essential part of any dating app like Tinder, especially for the users from megapolises. Your users will have more chances to meet their beloved ones in a retirement home rather than in your app if they live in NYC, Paris, London or Berlin and have to scroll through all users from the same area.

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