And you can dimensional domains are of great interest primarily not due to exactly what he is, but what they may consist of

And you can dimensional domains are of great interest primarily not due to exactly what he is, but what they may consist of

This is exactly accomplished having fun with Fermat’s sort of infinite origin interpreted for the mathematical notation of your CoDD

Brand new talk away from proportions is always to actually end up being in the dimensional domain names, perhaps not from the proportions, as an individual aspect alone is meaningless beyond are region off a medical build to own observation and dimension. You start with this new mathematicalogical invariants discovered from the matchmaking between the first four dimensional domains regarding space and you will day, brand new triadic invariances of dimensionality should be tracked up about dimensional domain of your smallest quantum away from facts to the analytical patterns away from consciousness, otherwise downward from the analytical patterns from understanding, back once again to the size of time and space. See Transcendental Physics, Close (1997)

Identifying the fresh mathematical procedures of the number one quantum calculus from dimensional differences is actually a complex activity, but the hidden metaphysical base of one’s calculus additionally the resulting construction out of facts you to definitely their application shows, would be described into the basic English:

Truth even as we experience it, contains quantized signs of the essence of fact in the three forms: mass, time, and you will awareness-as-stuff. Mass is condensed opportunity, in the way of quantized vortexes rotating from inside the no less than around three size, counted by fuel of the inertia (resistance to activity). Energy is a compressed particular awareness, mentioned by its quantized force, comparable because of the an effective multiplicative foundation, for the quantized inertia regarding mass. Quantized awareness (gimmel) ‘s the very first manifestation of the newest aware essence out of reality into the the real world, and is able to expansion and conveyance out-of models of your own analytical design out of Number one Understanding, the substrate away from manifest facts, to the bodily fact.

Space, date, and you can mindful the quantity are the three types of dimensional domains authored of the existence out of quantized size, energy, and conscious blogs. Please see, with what was only said a lot more than, you to definitely consciousness takes on a switch part on the extension off each other content and you can the quantity. It’s along these lines you to life style organisms is actually developed by Number one Understanding for the intended purpose of performing as the car within this which quantized awareness can be grow by self-effort on uncovered attention to thinking or any other, to Cosmic Awareness, the complete focus on what you, including Number 1 Awareness alone.

Size is simple geometrical rules. He could be upright traces, constructed for the intended purpose of symbolizing the location and the amount of observable phenomena throughout the location out-of an evidently arbitrary site area chosen of the a conscious observer. Nevertheless site point is not really arbitrary; it is short for the brand new observer’s individual location, in accordance with the sense of break up of observable phenomena, estimated from the observer’s understanding onto a sheet away from report due to the fact zero point regarding an analog make of the fresh observer’s private body type regarding source in the dimensional domain name away from his lives regarding the actual fact from his experience. You may have to realize that once again to understand the term, but it is an incredibly detail by detail dysfunction of the extremely simple idea of place.

A keen letter-dimensional domain is an area of interest while focusing out of a aware observer, defined by the the total amount of size and the blogs out of the region therefore laid out. From inside the a domain name away from 2 or more size, new dimensional contours is developed within ninety-training angles from both. The option of 90-studies angle separation out of dimensions is not random or haphazard married secrets support. It’s chosen because contributes to the tiniest level of straight-range cardinal dimensions equally breaking up a circle and you can a sphere. All other direction out of break up can make quantification and visualization of your reality depicted a great deal more difficult. Lines intersecting on ninety amount are known as orthogonal outlines.

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